The electric bike is like a bicycle, you never forget it!

The good old bike of our childhood with or without casters, the ideal way to stroll with your hair in the wind (but under the helmet), you have finally decided to take up sport and reduce your carbon footprint, reduce the use of your car and get rid of those endless traffic jams. You’ve made the right choice, now you just need to know how to choose it and how it works.

First of all, you should know that the EAB (Electrically Assisted Bicycle) is like a bicycle but as it is electric you make less effort to pedal especially to climb hills, this allows you to have a pace of ride even in slope, it is the role of the electric assistance, each effort on the pedal triggers the electric system powered by the battery located in general in the frame. Follow the advice of our experts to choose the EAB of your dreams.

Why choose an electric bike?

Sport and by extension cycling is good for your health, there are all the advantages of a non-electric bike without the constraints, less fatigue when pedaling and a longer or shorter distance depending on the model. There is one for every taste, for the mountain, for the city, foldable for men or women.

Choosing your EAB according to its use

For everyday trips in the city, opt for slim wheels with a frame that is easy to climb over and mixed, depending on how much space you want, you can take it folding to store it easily with a minimum of space. The M8 bike will charm you with style. For the more sporty, prefer wider and bigger wheels to ride easily in the undergrowth, the suspensions are a plus to absorb the roughness of the terrain. Let the M2 bike be your guide.

Half-city, half-sport, a hybrid model could please you, with wheels like our F3 bike or the M7 bike

And what about the electrics?

All our electric bicycles are equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery, which can be removed to allow you to recharge directly from a mains socket at home or at work without having to take the bicycle upstairs, easy to access and very practical, you just need to remove the battery with a key, a charge indicator is present to check the level of your battery even once you are off the bicycle. The autonomy of your EAB will be one of the important and determining criteria for your selection, it will depend on the effective capacity of your EAB expressed in Watt-hour (Wh), which is calculated by multiplying the Amperes (Ah) to the Voltage (V).

So, ready to mount your bike?