How to choose the electric scooter that suits you best?

A sudden urge to change your habits and go electric? The electric scooter has now become a real practical and ecological means of transport that can suit everyone depending on their style. It is equipped with two wheels, handlebars, a chassis and an electric motor! It works thanks to its rechargeable battery. The autonomy and the speed of this equipment will be more or less important according to the models.

Throughout the world, the electric scooter has become one of the most widely used means of transport. It is easy to move around on a daily basis and can be stored and transported anywhere. This is why we have decided to help you choose the electric scooter that best suits your habits and needs.

Why switch to an electric scooter?

The electric scooter is a real alternative to the car and public transport. It allows you to make purely eco-responsible daily journeys by saving on transport costs, to avoid traffic problems on the road and to own a light vehicle that you can take everywhere. In addition, our range includes products for all types of users: city, off-road, sporty or light and ergonomic.

1 – Choose what appeals to you

To choose your scooter, you must obviously choose its aesthetics. Among our products, you can find two distinct ranges:
  • Urban models, quite compact, light and foldable. These models are made for those who need to make daily journeys, such as going to work for example.
  • But also more sporty models, with more power, more robust, wheels adapted to all types of terrain, to ride on bumpy roads or climb steep slopes.

2 – To infinity and beyond

To find out which scooter is best for you, you first need to consider your journeys. Indeed, the autonomy is the main criterion to cover more or less long distances. In our range, you can find products ranging from 15 km of autonomy, for the shortest journeys, up to 60km of autonomy, that is to say two hours of journeys at maximum speed to carry out longer courses. Make sure you know how far you need to go and don’t forget to take into account the time it takes to charge your scooter if you need to make several trips.

RIDE-62S: 15KM RIDE-85+ : 30KM E-CROSS MAX 2X2 : 60KM

3 – What weight and ergonomics to choose?

As you can imagine, your lifestyle greatly changes the scooter that you choose. It will not be the same if you live on the top floor of your building without a lift as if you live on the ground floor! Indeed, you will not be able to bother with climbing stairs with a product weighing more than 30kg daily. Therefore, you should choose a lighter product (no more than 15kg) that can be folded, so that it is much more practical to carry. In this range we have several products that correspond to this type of scooter, starting with the RIDE 62S (10 Kg), RIDE 80 BOOST (11 Kg), RIDE 82L (12 Kg) or the RIDE 85+ (13 Kg).

4 – Power and nothing but power!

There’s no point in running, you have to start at the right point!   The power of the motor is also a very important criterion when selecting your scooter, because it is what will allow you to get through obstacles and slopes. If your daily commute is not flat, we recommend a minimum power of 350W, which is suitable for 15º slopes. But if the slopes you have to deal with are formidable, then you should opt for a motor power of 800W.  

5 – Choose the comfort that will make the difference

On a scooter, there are several features that influence the comfort of the user, such as the wheels, the suspension and a wider or narrower frame. Wheels vary greatly in size and material. The larger the wheel, the more difficult paths and slopes will be insignificant for you, and the faster your vehicle will go. You can find the ideal size for you: if you don’t need big wheels, then 8″ wheels will do very well for regular road trips. The material is also important: inflatable tyres will fully absorb the shocks of your ride, but will not be puncture-proof, while solid rubber tyres will be tough and suitable for flat terrain. Suspension will also provide more comfort to absorb shocks on bumpy roads and a wide footrest will give more room to ride comfortably.

6 – Be in control of your movements with your dashboard!

Technology means screen and light!   Every electric scooter has a screen and lighting that can be used as a dashboard. The screen, which is more or less large on some models, allows you to see your speed, battery level and driving mode in real time, and shows you which lights are on.

There are different lights for those who need to use their electric scooter at night or when it is dark. Indeed, some models have stronger lights or flashing lights for those who need them. Other models have common lights, for people who only need to move around during the day and still keep an eye on things if visibility is poor.

So, are you determined to ride like never before?